The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Towards the end of each training year, all trainees will be required to undergo an ARCP




ARCP Newsletter May 2018

In an attempt to alleviate trainees obtaining Outcome 5's at their ARCPs due to lack of complete MSF, please see attached guidelines and information below:
The 2019 ARCPs are planned for:

2019 dates as follows:

4th February 2019 

9th May 2019

26th June 2019

10th July 2019

17-18th July 2019 - ACCS CT1-2 ONLY  - Organised by HEE London

10th October 2019


- e-Portfolio ARCP folders will be updated, amended, opened etc approx 12 weeks ahead of your ARCP.

The MSFs in e-Portfolio remain open for one month from the date that the list of assessors is approved by the trainee's ES.

This is clearly documented in the MSF training guides - click here.

MSFs will only close before this point if the trainee/ES contacts us at to request closure. This is not instantaneous as the system closes MSF at midnight each day - if an MSF is set to close today for example, the results would only be available to the ES from midnight (so tomorrow morning).
Many trainees seem to be starting an MSF just before their ARCP therefore ensuring that the results will not be available at their review. I would recommend ensuring that these are completed well before ARCP season to avoid such issues in future.

Contact if you have any further queries.


-End of placement Interim Progress Report (IPR)

The IPR is available via e-Portfolio and trainees can access this from the ‘Enter New Assessment Tool’ Section. This allows trainees to record interim / end of placement meetings with their supervisor and add this to their ARCP record. This will also update on the ‘Review Progress’ section in their ARCP records

Any previous paperbased IPRs will be accepted as long as they are scanned & uploaded to a trainee's e-Portfolio Library - they will also feature on the ESSR at the end of the year (which still needs completing prior to your ARCP)
A guide to creating the IPR will shortly be uploaded here:


-Out of Programme (OOP) update form is available here

-Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults 

ARCPs now require the follow certificates to be uploaded to your e-Portfolio which can be completed via this website

  • Evidence of safeguarding child training: CT1/CT2 – Safeguarding Children Level 2,
  • ST3-7 – Safeguarding Children Level 3 (if in full time paediatric post) otherwise Level 2.
  • Evidence of safeguarding vulnerable adults training 

-NEW ISA e-Portfolio guidance - click here for full details



What is an Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP)? 

The ARCP process will include a full portfolio assessment, including a review of Educational Supervisor's Reports, Units of Training, WpBAs, logbook and courses attended. Although a formal process, it occurs in a supportive environment in which to discuss you progress and plans. Most trainees are seen in July each year.

The ARCP panel will then make recommendations to the Deanery in relation to whether:

  • the trainee should progress into further training
  • the trainee requires additional support and training
  • the trainee should not progress into the next year of training

LTFT trainees undertake annual ARCPs but their learning agreements will reflect their less than full time status.

The ARCP replaced the RITA (Record of In-Training Assessment) undertaken previously.

Who does my ARCP? 

The ARCP is undertaken by a panel of assessors. Members of the panel may include the Training Programme Director, College Tutors, Educational Supervisors, a Deanery representative, an academic representative, an “external” representative or a lay representative.

How do I prepare for my ARCP? 

You will be emailed 12 weeks in advance with a date for your ARCP. A seperate email will follow approximately 6 weeks later with specific appointment time and a detailed list of documentation required.

You must inform the hospital you are rotated to at the time.  You will be given time off to attend, usually morning or afternoon, depending on your appointment time.  It is a mandatory process and annual or study leave does not need to be booked.  All College Tutors are aware in advance of ARCP dates.You should dress smartly, for example what you would wear to see a patient - not scrubs!

ARCP Requirements 

The requirements will depend on your stage of training and your individual circumstances (eg if training less than full time or currently out of programme)

The ARCP panel reviews a trainee’s progress based on the evidence submitted and provides the trainee with an outcome. The outcome of the ARCP will determine the rate at which trainee’s progress through the training programme. The ARCP also provides a mechanism for determining CCT dates for trainees. For more information on the possible outcomes please see appendix 4 of the Gold Guide.

To achieve an Outcome 1 (best possible) you will need to provide the following documents (uploaded to e-Portfolio) for the panel:

  • Educational Supervisors Reports covering the whole academic year. This will include (as a minimum) one Educational Supervisor Structured Report, summarising the entire academic year. If you have rotated between different trusts in the academic year, you will also need an Interim Progress Report, for each other post. See the ePortfolio page for more details.
  • A logbook summary your clinical activity
  • Current CV
  • Completion of Unit of Training forms as requried
  • At least one Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) (1/year minimum)
  • The required number of Workplace Based Assessments (WpBAs) for each Unit of Training completed. Please note that WBPAs should be completed continuously throughout the year, not in the few weeks proceeding your ARCP; the panel will take note of this
  • Evidence of Audit (1/year minimum)
  • Course/Exam Certificates

HESL (Deanery) Checklist

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