Study Leave

Study leave is intended for trainees who required time off to attend courses, conferences and meetings


Study Leave Entitlement

This varies according to grade and is at the discretion of your department. As a general guide, for CT1-ST7 it is 25-30 days/year.


Personal/Private Study Leave

Up to 5 days can be applied for, prior to examinations, for private study. It is at the discretion of the department in which you are working and therefore not always possible.


Study Leave Funding and Budget

  1. Trainees should apply through the hospital trust they are currently working in, having checked their course is approved – list of approved courses is here 
  2. If the course is listed as aspirational, not mandatory for the curriculum - you MUST ask your TPD for approval.
  3. Each hospital trust may have a slightly different operating system but all Study Leave claims are now dealt with locally.  The hospital coordinates this via a central portal at HEE.

Exception, if you are based in East of England - Watford General Hospital - use these forms & follow this process..

Please see the information regarding study leave for trainees on OOP. The FAQ is on the PGMDE portal for trainees, supervisors and trusts to view.

The FAQ reads as follows:

I am Out of Programme on an OOP, am I eligible to apply for Study Leave?

Trainees undertaking an OOPT are able to claim study leave and study leave funding when they are in a placement for a full training year and would claim from their respective trust. 

Trainees on a OOPC, OOPE or OOPR are not able to apply for study leave.


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