Travel & Relocation Expenses

Funding is available for trainees who incur expenses whilst commuting or relocating to their place of work


Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are not paid centrally by HESL (Deanery) but by each individual Trust within a certain criteria.

Hammersmith  Hospital is classed as the school base and accordingly if the distance from your home to your work hospital is further than your home to Hammersmith Hospital  you can ask for the difference to be paid.  Please note  Relocation Guidelines 

Contact your local HR (Medical Staffing) department for more information.

Relocation Expenses

HESL can offer assistance in the reimbursement of relocation expenses and associated expenses, for all junior doctors on a recognised London training programme in Primary and Secondary Care, and those on KSS training programmes, whilst they are employed by a London or KSS Trust.

See the HEE Website link and the Relocation Guidelines for more information regarding the expenses the Relocation Department reimburses.

Firstly, fill out and return the Relocation Eligibility Form only available directly from website.

Refer to the How to Claim relocation expenses page for further guidance on how to claim reimbursement of your relocation expenses.

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