Trainee Representatives

We are here to represent you, the trainees


ISA trainee reps are nominated and voted for by you, for your relevant trainee level or group.

Our main job is to act as a liaison between yourselves and the College Tutors/Training Programme Directors and highlight your views, concerns and issues.

We endeavor to help resolve (or pass on) any problems you have. Other issues that arise are taken to the Imperial school board meeting. This is an opportunity for the College tutors and Head of School to hear from the trainees. We also can make suggestions on your behalf and changes, which you think would be beneficial.

Matters recently arising and addressed:


  • Standardisation of novice training
  • Careers day
  • Mentorship programme
  • Funding for travel expenses


  • Rota issues
  • Sick leave cover
  • Protected teaching

We are also members of the London Deanery Trainee Representative Group, who meet regularly with the other anaesthesia trainee reps from across London. This group fulfils a variety of roles including attending Deanery executive; board, dean and academic meetings, comparing and discussing trainee experiences and grievances across the pan-Thames region. We also organise an annual trainee forum, showcasing what’s new and exciting in anaesthetics, ICM and pain medicine.

In addition we like the odd social event too! Watch this space for more details of the next one…

You can contact us directly via email (click on the relevant rep) with questions, queries, problems or ideas. This is all confidential and names are never used unless you specify we can.

Alternatively you can use the website contact us page to message us anonymously.

Click here to view the Trainee Reps Terms of Reference

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