Global Partnerships currently advertising Trainee Fellowships in a low resource setting.

Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania Usual OOP rules apply




Dear All


The Global Partnerships department are currently advertising a number of Trainee Fellowships open to trainees who are interested in undertaking a placement in a low resource setting.  These are as follows:


·         Namibian Anaesthetic Fellowships (ST5+)

·         Zambian Anaesthetic Development Project (ZADP) (CT2+ and ST5+)

·         Bugando Medical Centre, Tanzania (ST5+).


Further details can be found at: alternatively, please email:


We would be grateful if you could make trainees in your patch aware of these opportunities.


Best wishes,


The Global Partnerships Team


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Need more information? Please contact Global Partnerships

News | Posted 4th December 2017
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