Training Day Programme 2017-2018

List of dates for Core, Intermediate, Higher 29th June 2018 - CANCELLED












Confirmed date

Sept WMUH Immunology  22nd September 2017
Oct Hillingdon GI nausea 4th October 2017
Nov CW Respiration1 &2 10th November 2017
Jan CW Respiration,Pharmacology 18th January 2018
Feb        RBH                      Heart & Circulation 1 & 2 6th February 2018
Mar         NWLH                    Renal Tract 14th March 2018
June         CXH                        Nervous System 6th June 2018
May        SMH                       Muscle 10th May 2018
June       Hamm/QCCH     Pregnancy 22nd June 2018
Oct QCCH Obstetrics 25th October 2017
Nov NWLH Airway 15th November 2017
Dec Hammersmith Cardiothoracic 1st December 2017
Jan CW Paediatrics 26th January 2018
Feb        CXH                    Neuro Deferred, awaiting new date
Mar         C&W                    ICM 26th March 2018
Apr          Watford                   Vascular/GI 24th April 2018
May        C&W                   Pain TBA
June       SMH Trauma/POM     7th June 2018
Higher (pan North Thames)  
Sept Royal London Preparing to be a consultant  29th September 2017
Oct Royal London Anaesthesia for Interventional Radiology 4th October 2017
Nov Charing Cross Peri-Operative Medicine 24th  November 2017
Jan Barts & London ITU 26th January 2018
Feb        Barts & London Obstetrics 23rd Feb 2018
Mar         Charing Cross Pain 23rd March 2018
Apr          Royal London Neuro 27th April 2018
May        St Mary's Anaesthesia techniques 25th May 2018
June       Royal London The Extended role of the Consultant 29th June 2018 - CANCELLED
Sept Royal Free Research & Resilience 28th September 2018
Oct Royal Free Complex orthpaedics 26th October 2018
Nov Barts & London Regional 30th November 2018


Calendar for year Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb        Mar         Apr          May        June       Sept Oct Nov
Core 22nd 4th 10th   18th 6th 14th   10th 6th & 22nd      
Intermediate   25th 15th 1st 26th   26th 24th   7th       
Higher 29th 4th 24th   26th 23rd 23rd 27th 25th XXX 28th




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Course/Conference | Posted 20th June 2018
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