FREE ISA Work Well/Wellbeing Event.

28th March 2019 - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London




We are pleased and proud to bring you this year’s ISA Work Well/Well Being event.

Tickets here!

We have a special line up of high quality speakers who are knowledgeable and expert
within their subject areas.

 Dr Nancy Redfern, AABGI Well Being lead,

 Professor Chris Williams, Creator of NHS Moodzone,

 Dr Al-Najjar, Deputy Clinical Director of the Practitioner Health Programme.

These speakers aim to deliver working well and well-being principles to you.

They will be joined by two high profile inspirational mental health advocates:

 Jon Salmon from Head Together
 Laura Fischer TED talker

Our speakers will talk on a range of subjects from how to optimise working well and
well being more optimised, understanding stressful work related processes such as
SUIs, Coroners’ Court and GMC Complaints as well as more specific topics such male
mental health, anxiety and depression, grief and post traumatic stress.

The night promises to equip you with strategies to empower you to work well and
have better well-being. Please join us at the Hollywood Arms for drinks and
networking opportunities afterwards.

This is event is for both ISA anaesthetic trainees of all grade and consultants from all
ISA training schools. It will be relaxed and laid back so please do book and come

Need more information? Please contact Terri Stewart

News | Posted 25th February 2019
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