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Terrible Topics - Primary FRCA Revision

Hi Everyone, Myself and a Jen (Anaesthetic/ICM trainees currently at King’s) are hoping to set up a teaching programme aimed at Primary FRCA revision. We plan to target those topics which people tend to find most difficult; be it the physics behind MRI, infusion kinetics, or ABG analyser electrodes to name but a few. We have designed a survey to help find out which topics are found difficult by trainees. It'll take 2-3 mins to complete the survey. We will close it at the end of Feb. Thank


Once the responses are in, we will ask consultants and other experts who have a personal interest in the chosen topics to give a presentation during a day-long programme.  We will attempt to find experts who can provide thorough and user-friendly teaching, themselves understanding the topic comprehensively enough to answer questions from trainees. We found difficult topics can often be taught at regional programmes where consultants are randomly allocated topics. Often, they may not themselves have studied the topic since their own exams. This lack of in-depth knowledge means their ability to be simplify complex ideas and to be quizzed by confused trainees is often limited.  

This survey of trainees, nationally, will hopefully show which topics are found most difficult by the biggest proportion of trainees. We can than shortlist topics to include in our programme. This will be a reproducible model that can be ran in several locations throughout the country to maximise exposure. Once the pilot has been conducted, we will nominate regional organisers to carry out a similar programme in their school of anaesthesia. 

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Survey Request | Posted 20th February 2019
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