North Central School Novice Course

The North Central School Novice Course booking is now open on Synapse!


This is a mandatory course aimed at those trainees who will be doing their Anaesthetic block in February 2020 in the North Central, North West or North East London Schools of Anaesthesia. This will include -  

  • ​A few Core Anaesthetic Trainees (CT1s)  
  • ACCS Anaesthetics CT2s (doing Anaesthetics in February 2020) 
  • ACCS EM trainees (doing Anaesthetics in February 2020) 
  • ICM trainees (doing Anaesthetics in February 2020).   

  There are 4 face to face days  (i.e. every Wednesday for 4 weeks: February 12th, 19th, 26th and March 4th) plus 1 day of Simulation later in the year. We recommend attending as many of the 4 days as possible but understand that some people may have booked leave or may be on nights. If you are doing a long day then most departments will release you for the day but expect you back to cover the evening shift. Please let rota organisers and college tutors know of study leave requests ASAP if this is the case. 

The programme coversthe Initial Assessment of Competencies (IAC) taken from the RCoA CCT in Anaesthetics curriculum - Basic Level Training (Annex B), with a few additional sessions deemed relevant to this early stage of training. These competencies are also required to be signed off by ACCS and ICM trainees and are included in the relevant specialty training curriculum documents.   We have uploaded a copy of the draft programme from August 2019 onto to Synapse.

The course is designed to get everyone to an equivalent baseline to feel more prepared clinically. There will be some topics which we do not cover, but by teaching you the basics you will have something to build upon during your theatre sessions.   

If you have any questions then please get in touch. Look forward to meeting you all in February!  

Kind regards, 

Dr Bindiya Varma and Dr Elizabeth Cervi 

Consultant Anaesthetists  

NC School Novice Course Organisers  

Need more information? Please contact Bindiya Varma

Course/Conference | Posted 27th December 2019
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