Queen Charlottes

Trainees rotate through teaching and district general hospitals in north west London, as well as some specialist hospitals in central London


Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea is world-renowned for its maternity and women's and children's services. The hospital is a tertiary referral maternity unit with a nationally renowned Centre for Fetal Care and the largest neonatal intensive care unit in the country. It has a labour ward with two fully equipped operating theatres adjacent to high-dependency care facilities. The hospital has excellent and extensive high-risk services and, as a result, cares for many women with complicated pregnancies. The hospital also has a midwife-led birth centre for women with uncomplicated pregnancies who would like a natural childbirth experience. 

Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital is home to the West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre. 


We have a number of clinical fellowships; posts are advertised through NHS Jobs and are for periods of 6 months to a year. Currently, we have the following opportunities: 

  • Two clinical fellows in Obstetric Anaesthesia at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital 

Please contact Dr Susan Kirby for more information. 

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Queen Charlottes

Du Cane Road, East Acton, London W12 0NN
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