Royal Brompton

Trainees rotate through teaching and district general hospitals in north west London, as well as some specialist hospitals in central London


The Brompton is a tertiary cardiac and thoracic centre for both adult and paediatric patients. They offer a wide range of training opportunities from elective cardiac surgery to thoracic cancer surgery. There is also the chance to work in the cardiac catheterization laboratories witnessing pioneering techniques such as mitral valve clips and TAVIs and the excellent intensive care unit.  The Intensive Care is one of the 5 centers in the UK specialising in ECMO

Clinical Lead for Audit: Dr Kate Fogg

Royal Brompton

Sydney Street, Chelsea, London SW3 6NP
Dept 020 7351 8526 Fax 020 7351 8521 Switch 020 7352 8121
College Tutor Mary Lane
Department Admin Lindsay Price
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