Study Leave

Study leave is intended for trainees who required time off to attend courses, conferences and meetings


Study Leave Entitlement

This varies according to grade and is at the discretion of your department. As a general guide, for CT1-ST7 it is 25-30 days/year.


Personal/Private Study Leave

Up to 5 days can be applied for, prior to examinations, for private study. It is at the discretion of the department in which you are working and therefore not always possible.


Study Leave Funding and Budget

  • CT1-2/ACCS
    Individual budget is sourced from the hospital you are rotated to and may vary.  Please refer to your local College Tutor for further information


  • ST3-7 Each trainee is allocated up to approx £750/per year for attending courses and meetings.


  • Trainees obtain funding from the hospital the trainee is rotated to at the commencement (start date) of course.  Trainees have to apply prospectively, no retrospective payments will be made. If the course carries over their rotation click date, the hospital that the trainee is based at for the start date of the course pays the study leave funding requested within yearly allowance.  The funding allowance figure is per year not per rotation. 


  • Study Leave Tracking Form - ISA only  Please ensure that it is completed & brought to your ARCP (not uploaded to eportfolio as it is a School requirement not RCoA or HESL).   Please ensure you file the form in an appropriate accessible format as to enable your completion throughout training year.


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