ISA Novice Course

We have set our course up to help steward Imperial novice trainees through their first few months of their anaesthetic career, providing them with the basic knowledge and skills to survive the high stress environment of anaesthetics.


Novice Course


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Dear All

As many of you are aware, Imperial School of Anaesthesia runs a Novice course for all fresh trainees entering the world of anaesthesia and we are currently recruiting for new volunteers. The course covers many of the important components of the Initial Assessment of Competency (IAC) required by novice anaesthetists in the first 3-6 months in order to practice without supervision. Since it's formation in 2010, the course has provided a valuable resource to all novices and we have always received excellent feedback. However we rely on the kindness of consultants/post FRCA SPRs to volunteer and help teach on the course.

The dates for this year's course are:

Lecture/Workshop Day 1 = Tue 11th Aug
Lecture/Workshop Day 2 = Mon 17th Aug
Lecture/Workshop Day 3 = Tues 25th Aug
Lecture/Workshop Day 4 = Fri 4th Sep
Simulation Day 1 = Mon 19th Oct
Simulation Day 2 = Tue 20th Oct
Simulation Day 3 = Wed 21st Oct
Simulation Day 4 = Thu 22nd Oct
Simulation Day 5 = Fri 23rd Oct

If you are able to help, please email

Thank you so much for your help and support.

 ISA Novice Course in the RCoA Bulletin: click here to read more

Course Details

The course also covers many of the important components of the Initial Assessment of Competency (IAC) required by novice anaesthetists in the first 3-6 months in order to practice without supervision. The course runs over five days and includes four days of lectures and workshops, with an emphasis on small group teaching and the practical aspects of anaesthetics. The fifth day is a simulation day, where the trainees are able to work through different scenarios in order to build their confidence in areas that are yet unfamiliar, though part of everyday anaesthetic practice.

Course costs are redeemable from your study leave budget.

The course is run by a group of consultants and post FRCA specialist trainees, who volunteer their time to teach and “impart their wisdom”.

Course Directorial Board

 Dr Rakhee Nathwani Consultant Anaesthetist,West Hertfordshire NHS Trust
 Dr John Myatt Consultant Anaesthetist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
 Dr Sadie Syed Locum Consultant,Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
 Dr Himala de Zoysa Consultant, St. George’s Hospital
 Dr Sanooj Soni Speciality Registrar, Imperial School of Anaesthesia

Website and Contacts

The course works in tandem with a website, exclusively designed to aid the novice trainee in their initial training. It contains all the course lectures and materials, with podcasts and forum areas. Of particular importance are guidelines and links to websites with advice on joining speciality specific organisations, as well as information on where to go for help. It also introduces key personnel in the region including our Regional Advisor,Training Programme Directors and trainee representatives. It is only accessible with an allocated login and password. You can find the website at

The site is accessible in its entirety only to the novices and trainers. It is administrated by Dr Sadie Syed via email: or through Mrs Terri Stewart (ISA Postgraduate Speciality School Office Manager and Administrator).


All novices will be contacted by the course directors in July and access to the website and important points such as the organisation of study leave will be explained in greater detail.

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