A Practical Introduction to Intensive Care Medicine

Hands on small group teaching on ICM procedures and concepts.


Dear All


We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our intensive care medicine course being held on Saturday 21st of July at UCLH (please see poster attached). 

The Practical Introduction to Intensive Care Medicine (PIICM) course focuses on introducing doctors to ICM concepts and delivering small group hands-on training in advanced care therapies and procedures with the latest equipment. 

In addition to this, included in the course price, is The Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Medicine (co-authored by Mervyn Singer, who devised the PIICM course), Careers advice from ICM trainees working in London and breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.


The course is registrar led and offers doctors the time and space to explore these procedures before they start intensive care rotations. 

We consider this programme essential preparation for those lucky enough to be involved in intensive care and all attendees with receive a certificate on completion of the course.


Our experienced faculty are immensely proud of the PIICM course and this year we are celebrating our 10th year of getting clinicians enthused and hooked on ICU.


If you would like to more information or to attend the course then please see below for contact information:

Online booking at:

Twitter: @Intro2ICM


PIICM Faculty 

Need more information? Please contact Jennifer

Course/Conference | Posted 16th May 2018
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