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General information to assist you ahead of your ARCP



Dear ISA junior doctors (CT1-ST7) 

As promised, here are some general tips to assist you at your ARCP ahead; I have tried to cover the majority of your queries.



The following must be prepared for your ARCP within your RCoA e-portfolio or Life Long Learning account

  • Checklist
  • CV
  • MSF
  • Logbook
  • Child/Adult Safeguarding certificates, (2 years from date of  issue, unless renewable date is shown).
  • Form R 


The enhanced annual review process is mandatory and must be undertaken at least once a year.  The Panel will be unable to review your progress if you fail to bring the documentation listed on the checklist which could result in you being prevented from progressing to the next stage of your training. 


1) Checklist ( HEEshould have sent you an updated version).

You are required to present evidence that you have completed the full curriculum for your year of training; failure to do so may result in the issue of an ARCP 5 (incomplete evidence presented). Evidence will only be accepted via the RCoA e-portfolio/LLLP and must be curriculum linked.  The self-declaration  form on Synapse does not appear to be available again this year (please ignore),


2) RCOA e-portfolio / Life Long Learning Platform

- An ARCP folder should currently be open for you (please ignore the dates within eportfolio; your appointment letter is correct).  Items to include are as listed below & on attached checklist.  However many trainees receive an Outcome 5 for not having the correct ESSR & IPRs since last ARCP.

- IPR (Interim Progress Report) should be completed each time you rotate (instead of ESSR) & you may have up to 3 per training year.  Your current Educational (Clinical Supervisor if within ICM) Supervisor should review your previous IPRs when completing your final ESSR for the year, this should be completed shortly before your ARCP.   Those on Life Long Learning Platform can organise ESSR at each rotation instead of IPRs at the end of each rotation.

- Please ensure you know where everything is that you wish to locate within your e-portfolio/LLLP ahead of your appointment.  Trying to find things by searching through the whole of your account during your appointment is time consuming for both us and yourselves.   

- E-portfolio will be closing in August 2019 . We strongly suggest that you download a copy of your records to a USB or disc for future information .  A link on the front right hand side of your home page should be available to you.  

- Life Long Learning Platform - Majority of  trainees should have received their login to LLLP by now. , CT2, ACCS CT3  trainees will receive theirs on commencement of ST3 post,  ST7 trainees that are CCTing will require a login for future as consultants and should contact RCoA to request once CCT achieved.

3) CV

Please upload a current CV to your e-portfolio.

4) MSF

A yearly MSF is mandatory for anaesthesia trainees.  Please ensure you have completed an MSF in the last training year, ie, since your last ARCP (even if you are on an OOP).  You cannot use a previous MSF twice.  MSF – eportfolio guidance document is available to assist you. 

An ICM MSF is mandatory & counts as your yearly requirement.  If you are currently in ICM, please ensure you start this NOW if you haven’t already. Failure to provide an MSF at your ARCP will lead to an Outcome 5, which causes extra work for yourself, School & HEE.  MSFs are open for 30 days and 8 responses are the minimum requirement (consultant weighted).  If you have enough responses and wish to close your MSF earlier than 30 days, please contact

5) Logbook

Please upload your Year to Date logbook to e-portfolio, not cumulative for all of your training.

6) Child/Adult Safeguarding Certificates

Must be valid & available to view within your e-portfolio.  Many of you forget these and receive an Outcome 5 for not uploading. Level 2 is appropriate for both unless you are a Paediatric Anaesthetist, in which case you should have Level 3 for Children.  It may be that you have to re link the information to this year’s ARCP folder.

7) GMC Trainee Survey

Please upload your GMC trainee survey completion code to the personal library section of your eportfolio.

8) Form R 

- The Form R is now only available through Synapse.

- You are required to generate and print the Form R through Synapse as it will no longer be available through any other means.

- If your enhanced Form R is not signed & uploaded to your e-portfolio/LLLP account, available for the panel to review, you may receive an Outcome 5 or your Outcome may be withheld.

- If this ARCP meeting is scheduled as the final review ahead of your CCT/CESR date, failure to submit a completed enhanced Form R is likely to result in a delay to your CCT/CESR application.

- The Form R is available at the following link -  

- If you are have forgotten your Synapse login details or need to sign up to Synapse please email

9) School of Anaesthesia Training Review (feedback email from Dr Phil Ward, ISA Website)

Imperial School of Anaesthesia uses your feedback to actively manage the quality of the training posts. Each survey will take around 5 minutes to complete. Completion of the survey is mandatory and may be reviewed at ARCP. 


a) If you are an academic trainee (ACF or CL), you need to complete the Academic Progress Form located HERE. Once completed it should be brought to your ARCP in paper format.

b) If you are currently on OOP, or had an OOP period since your last ARCP, you need to complete the OOP Update Form located HERE and bring in paper format to your ARCP.   If you have had an OOPT you must also complete a seperate final RCOA report, Here

c) If you are scheduled to complete Core anaesthesia this year,  please ensure your Initial Assessment of Competency  & Initial Assessment of Obstetric Competency  are available via eportfolio/LLLP & also download & complete the Core Level Training Certificate and bring this in paper format to your ARCP for final sign off.

d) If you are scheduled to complete Intermediate anaesthesia this year, you are required to download & complete the Intermediate Level Training Certificate and bring this in paper format to your ARCP for final sign off.

e) Advanced Training year – ST6-7 - Important

- The 6 essential domains of team working, leadership, innovation, management, education and clinical practice all MUST be completed.

- Advanced optional modules; a trainee needs to do a minimum of 1 if in a year placement and 2  if in 2 x 6 month placements.

- In other words, everyone should do all 6 domains in addition to their 1 or 2 Advanced Optional modules.  You are also required to download & complete a Notification of Completion of Training form & bring this in paper format to your ARCP for final sign off,

Revalidation queries

These should be directed to HESL (Deanery) Anaesthesia team via the Support Portal.  Trainees are required to revalidate every 5 years and on obtaining your CCT.  Many of you will be revalidated automatically after your ARCP.

Appointment & Attire

- Please arrive 5 mins ahead of your appointment. 

- Each appointment is for approx 15 mins with the Panel and if required a further 15 minutes with the Top Table. 

- There are over 150 ARCPs for ISA on 26th June & 10th July and we will do all possible to keep to time.  However, delays often occur and you should allow a minimum of 1 hour for the process to be completed. 

- Please dress appropriately, similar to what you would wear if you were seeing a patient outside of a theatre setting (no scrubs, overtly casual clothing). 

I hope this helps somewhat , there may be some items that I have missed but hopefully the majority are covered here.

Looking forward to seeing you  at your ARCP.

Best wishes





Need more information? Please contact Terri Stewart

News | Posted 26th June 2019
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