​Medical Minds Matter: Thriving, not just surviving, in a modern medical career

​Medical Minds Matter: Thriving, not just surviving, in a modern medical career


​Medical Minds Matter: Thriving, not just surviving, in a modern medical career

July 16th 

Royal Society of Medicine, London,-not-just-surviving,-in-modern-medicine.aspx


The meeting is being organised by the Trainees’ Section of the RSM. We are committed to medical education and improving the trainee experience across all medical specialities. The meeting will be a mixture of practical workshops and talks in the daytime meeting and a panel discussion in the evening meeting. 


Confirmed daytime speakers include Prof Camilla Kingdon, Head of the London School of Paediatrics, Dr Trevor Gedeon, from the Chimp Management team (the same group who coached Olympic athletes to success), and workshops on life coaching and productivity. In the evening meeting (Trainee Wellbeing: Whose responsibility is it anyway?), we will hear a senior clinician perspective from Clare Gerada, an NHS CEO perspective from Sir David Sloman (Royal Free Hospital), and a patient perspective from Susanna Stanford. ​
There has been a welcome national dialogue on mental health, increasing awareness and reducing stigma. We hope to focus this growing awareness on clinicians too, who as a group are vulnerable to stress, burnout, anxiety and depression but are often unable to seek help for fear of the implications on their career. 
We are all too aware of the crisis in morale in medicine and the problem of recruitment and retention of staff. We would like to create a dialogue where we acknowledge that it is ok for doctors to find aspects of their career challenging and at the same time, provide practical solutions towards some of these challenges. Focussing on their wellbeing may encourage more clinicians to stay in medicine and improve the experience of everyone who uses the NHS. 
The dual aims of the day would be to provide practical help for doctors who might feel that they are struggling, at a point where their mental health is at risk, but help them to develop strategies to improve their wellbeing before it is too late, as well as to reflect on the wider topics of resilience and the challenges of a modern medical career.


We think this is a really important event for trainee wellbeing and timely given the current working environment in the NHS. We'd be very grateful for any help you could give in ensuring this meeting reaches a wide audience. 


Thank you.


Best wishes



Dr Upasana Tayal

President, Trainees' Section Royal Society of Medicine

Cardiology SpR, London Deanery 



Need more information? Please contact Upasana Tayal

News | Posted 18th May 2018
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