London Pain Special Interest Posts

Commencing February 2019




Dear Anaesthetics Trainees,


Please be advised that the application process for London Pain Special Interest posts (February 2019 start) will soon be starting. This is open to both London and KSS Higher Anaesthetics Trainees.


Timeline for February 2019 Pain Recruitment

1st October 2018

Application window is open. Trainees will be asked to complete the application form and preference their location choice. Form and details will be made available on synapse.

14th October 2018

Application Window closes

w/c 15th October 2018

HET Workforce Team to collate the preference information. In absentia matching panel held. Pain TPD, HoS and HET Workforce team to conduct a preliminary match. If any placements are oversubscribed, then trainees will be invited for interview.

22nd October 2018

Trainees if required to attend interview for oversubscribed posts. Interviews to be a maximum of 30 minutes

w/c 29th October 2018

TPDs and Trainees notified of Matching Allocations

14th November 2018

12-week deadline. Trainee allocation published to Trusts.




Advanced Pain Training – Eligibility

The specialty selection/matching process is open to current HEE pan-London and KSS trainees* on an Anaesthesia programme who meet the following criteria on taking up an advanced pain year:

  • Are 12 months or more away from achieving CCT at the time of commencement of the post
  • Were awarded an outcome 1 in their last ARCP (outcome 8 for trainees returning from OOP)
  • Have completed the intermediate training years (ST3/4) in an Anaesthetics Specialty Training Programme, have received their ILTC, and are rotating into an ST5-7 post
  • Have successfully completed Higher Pain Training by commencement of post

Trainees should note that while they can express a location preference, they cannot assume that they will be matched to their existing region.



Further Information

All information regarding these posts will be advertised on Synapse. This will include the posts that are available and the preferencing form

There will be no shortlisting for this recruitment – all those who meet the above eligibility criteria will be considered

Many thanks,

Faculty 5

Health Education England

Stewart House | 32 Russell Square | London | WC1B 5DN



T: 02078663237


Need more information? Please contact Matthew Tansini

News | Posted 2nd October 2018
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