ISA Primary FRCA Viva Course

Free course, run for Imperial trainees who are preparing to take the Primary FRCA SOE


Primary Viva Course


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This is a free course, run for Imperial trainees ONLY, who are preparing to take the NEXT SITTING of the primary FRCA SOE.  It comprises structured oral viva sessions once a week run by Imperial School of Anaesthesia Consultants and post-FRCA registrars, in the 4-6 weeks running up to each exam and takes place at Charing Cross Hospital.

The course objectives are;
a) To improve viva technique required for the Primary FRCA SOE eg/ paraphrasing, body language, posture, etc
b) To cover topics that are relevant to the Primary FRCA SOE and within the RCoA syllabus.
c) To give appropriate and relevant feedback to participants

Course information;


Tuesday 10th December

Thursday  12th December

Tuesday 17th December

Thursday 19th December

Tuesday 7th January

Thursday 9th January

Tuesday 14th January

Thursday 16th January


Deadline for applications to attend the course is Tuesday 3rd December.

Please apply by emailing with all your availability for the above dates, grade, contact number, present hospital and number of previous attempts at the primary FRCA viva. We will email you confirmation of attendance with your allocated sessions for the course duration plus further information.

We require all candidates to sign a course agreement. Should a session be cancelled less than 36 hours in advance without good reason, then this can be raised with the Head of Imperial School of Anaesthesia as a probity issue.

Venue: Charing Cross Hospital Anaesthetic Department, 13th Floor, Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 8RF

Dates: once/twice a week during the 5-6 weeks prior to the exam (see above for specific course dates)

Time:  18.30 – 20.30

For candidate requirements, more information and general questions click on the link FAQ or email us directly on


Observer places for eligible CT1/2 Imperial trainees, who are not sitting the Primary FRCA SOE exam, are available to enable trainees to gain insight into the required exam technique and depth and breadth of knowledge. 

Interested applicants should email with one or two dates for the next course, which they would like to attend.

For benefits of observing, more information or questions click on the link FAQ or email us directly on


We are always looking for post-FRCA registrars to join our faculty as examiners.   Your contribution will be formally recognised by a certificate and written feedback endorsed by the Imperial School of Anaesthesia Regional Advisor and is useful to gain teaching experience for annual appraisals.

To register as an examiner on the up coming course, please email with available dates.

For examiner requirements, more information or questions click on the link FAQ or email us directly on

We look forward to hearing from you and please contact us should you have any further questions / queries.

Emma Forman, Lorna Starsmore, Sam Haddad

ISA Primary FRCA Viva Course Directors

Atika Sabharwal and Vimal Grover

ISA Primary FRCA Consultant Advisors.

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