ISA Final Viva Course

Free course, run for Imperial trainees who are preparing to take the Final FRCA SOE


Final Viva Course


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This is a free course, run for Imperial trainees who are preparing to take the Final FRCA SOE, and comprises structured oral viva sessions covering long and short cases, in addition to basic sciences.  It is run by Imperial School of Anaesthesia Consultants and ST5-7 Registrars on Saturday mornings at Charing Cross hospital.

The course objectives are:

  • To improve viva technique (rather than knowledge) required for the Final FRCA SOE e.g. structure, paraphrasing, body language, posture etc.
  • To introduce you to colleagues at different hospitals who you can practice with away from the course
  • To give appropriate and relevant feedback to participants
  • To allow you the opportunity to ask questions to assist you with your exam preparation

Recommended reading

  • Anaesthesia Science Viva Book by Simon Bricker

  • The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book by Barker, Mills, Maguire
The Structured Oral Examination in Clinical Anaesthesia by Cyprian Mendonca

  • Guide to the FRCA examination: the Final by RCOA
  • Physics, Pharmacology & Physiology for Anaesthetists: Key Concepts for the FRCA, by Cross & Plunkett


We are always looking for post-FRCA registrars ST5-7 to join our faculty as examiners.   Your contribution will be formally recognised by a certificate endorsed by the Imperial School of Anaesthesia Regional Advisor and is useful to gain teaching competencies for annual appraisals, please email

Timetable and applications

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