Great Ormond Street

Trainees rotate through teaching and district general hospitals in north west London, as well as some specialist hospitals in central London


Great Ormond Street is one of the world’s leading specialist Paediatric Hospitals. It is situated in central London by Russell Square. It is a quaternary referral centre receiving children from all over the world.

There is a large friendly anaesthetic department with over 30 consultants and 26 trainees.  Fifteen of the training posts are linked to the London schools of anaesthesia rotations which can be arranged through the local TPDs.  In addition there are 11 posts that are available for senior anaesthetic trainees for 12 months which include specialist fellowships in Simulation, Pain and Cardiac.

As a trainee at Great Ormond Street you will gain an unparalleled experience in paediatric anaesthesia for a vast range of surgical procedures in children suffering from an extensive range of  medical conditions. Trainees undertake 6 week blocks allowing them to experience the different anaesthetic specialities. These blocks include cardiac, neurosurgery/craniofacial/spinal, ENT, cleft, plastics, general and urology. The majority of trainees spend 3 months in PICU/NICU or CICU. The on-calls and out of hours are covered on site by 2 registrars, at least one of which will be familiar with working at GOSH.

Please contact the college tutors Marina George or Jonathan Smith for more details.

Clinical Lead: Dr Stephen Scuplak

Audit Lead: Dr Ann Black

Great Ormond Street

Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH
Dept 020 7829 8865 Fax 020 7829 8866 Switch 020 7405 9200
College Tutors Marina George, Jonathan Smith
Department Admin Cetina Norton
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